2019 World Congress - Nurses Program
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Fertility Nursing Workshop

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Shanghai, China

Led by key international faculty the workshop aims to cover all aspects of the fertility nurse role that promotes best practice and provides continuity of care for patients and service users. The course aims to provide insight and resources for fertility nurses wishing to advance their practice skills and for clinics that already have or want to implement the facility to offer training and development programmes for their fertility nurses.


·         Francesca Steyn (workshop Chair) – CRGH London, UK

·         Alison McTavish – Aberdeen Fertility Unit, UK

·         Helen Kendrew – Bath Fertility, UK

·         Katie Best – Gateshead Fertility, UK

·         Masoud Afnan – United Family Healthcare Tianjin, China

·         Molly Ruan - Jlahui International Hospital Shanghai, China

·         Jinlan Liu – Peking University Third hospital, China

·         River Jiang – United Family Healthcare Hospital Tianjin, China

Program Overview

·         Global Solution Network at Shanghai Jlahui International Hospital

·         40 years of IVF nursing UK

·         30 years of IVF nursing China

·         How you can deliver high quality care to your patients

·         Delivering high quality care - practical session

·         Competency, education framework and self-assessment

·         Looking after our patients

·         Round table discussion, patient centered infertility care

·         Two Models of fertility nursing - overview and comparison

·         Empowering nurses to do more


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