2019 World Congress - Friday Agenda
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April 12, 2019


8:00 – 18:00        Registration Open


8:00 – 19:30        Exhibits


8:00 - 9:00            Merck Foundation Symposium

Red Hall


8:00 – 9:30           ASRM Embryo Transfer Session 1

Room TBD           Speakers: Keith Ray; Richard Reindollar; Samantha Pfiefer; William Hurd, MD, MPH


9:00 - 9:30            Keynote Lecture 2: TITLE TBA

Red Hall                Chairs: Hefeng Huang MS; Robert Norman, MD

                  Speaker: Jie Qiao, MD, PhD



9:30 - 10:00         Keynote Lecture 3: Genome Engineering and Germline Gene Therapies

Red Hall               Chairs: Hefeng Huang, MS; Robert Norman, MD

                 Speaker: Hui Yang, PhD


10:00 – 10:30      REFRESHMENT BREAK


10:30 - 11:15       Jean Cohen Endowed Lecture: Endometrial Factor; Implantation

Red Hall               Chairs: Conjian Xu and Edgar Mocanu, MD

                 Speaker: Carlos Simon, MD, PhD


11:15  - 12:45      Parallel Session 1


Blue Hall              Trilogy 2 – Toxicants

                              Chairs: Oladapo Ashiru, MD, PhD;  and Yun Sun


                  11:15 - 11:45       Epidemiology of Reproductive Outcomes

                        Speaker: Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH


                 11:45 – 12:15      Sperm Counts, Testicular Cancers, and the Environment

                                                        Speaker: Neils Skakkebaek, MD


                 12:15 – 12:45      What to Tell Patients

                       Speaker: Jaideep Malhotra, MD



Gold Hall              Trilogy 3 - Embryo Selection

                              Chairs: Cristina Magli and Richeng Qian


                  11:15 – 11:45      Non-invasive Embryo Assessment

                        Speaker: Catherine Racowsky, PhD


                 11:45 – 12:15       Embryo Biopsy

                                                          Speaker: Luca Gianaroli, MD


                 12:15 – 12:45      PGT using In Vivo Embryos recovered by Uterine  Lavage

                                                         Speaker: John Buster, MD



Room TBD           ESHRE Symposium

                 11:15 – 11:45      Is Sperm Selection Feasible and Does it Improve ICSI Outcome?

                                                         Speaker: Jackson Kirkman-Brown


                 11:45 – 12:00     Discussion


                 12:00 – 12:30    Are Differences in the Formulation of Commercial Culture Media Justified by Evidence?

                     Speaker: Roger Sturmey, PhD


                 12:30 – 12:45   Discussion



Room TBD           ASRM Embryo Transfer Session 2

                             Speakers: Keith Ray; Richard Reindollar; Samantha Pfiefer; William Hurd, MD, MPH

12:45 - 13:45       Lunch and Exhibits


12:45 - 13:45       Industry Symposia

Red Hall                Merck

                              Speaker: TBD


Blue Hall               Abbott

                             Speaker: TBD


Gold Hall              Guerbet

                             Speaker: TBD


12:45 - 13:45       IFFS General Assembly 1


13:45  - 15:15      Parallel Session 2      

Red Hall              Trilogy 4:  Endometriosis

                            Chairs: Rishma Pai, MD; Cii-Ruey Tseng


                 13:45 – 14:15      Genetics and Relationship to Pathogenesis

                        Speaker: Krina Zondervan, Dphil                              


                14:15 – 14:45      Epidemiology and Associated Disorders

                                                       Speaker: Stacey Missmer, ScD


                14:45 – 15:15      Pain and Reproductive Surgery

                       Speaker: TBD


Blue Hall            Trilogy Session 5:  PGT     

                           Chairs: Luca Gianaroli, MD; William Hurd, MD, MPH; Catherine Racowsky, PhD


      13:45 – 14:15    Spectrum of Single Gene Disorder and   Implementation

                     Speaker: Svetlana Rechitsky, PhD                                                            


               14:15 – 14:45      Next Generation Sequencing and Detection of Aneuploidy

                      Speaker: David Cram, PhD 


                           14:45 – 15:15      Who Should (and Should Not) Undergo PGT?

                      Speaker: Joe Leigh Simpson, MD             



Room TBD           JSRM Symposium – ART in Japan

       Chair: TBA


       13:45 – 14:15      Assisted Reproductive Technology in Japan: Investigation of the Latest Japanese Nationwide Registry of 2016

                                  Speaker: TBA


                14:15 – 14:45      A novel device for male infertility screening with smartphone semen analysis

                      Speaker: Yoshitomo Kobori, MD, PhD


                14:45 – 15:15      Improving in vitro spermatogenesis with organ culture methods

                      Speaker: Takehiko Ogawa, MD, PhD



Room TBD           African Fertility Society Symposium

                             Chair: TBA



Room TBD           ASRM Embryo Transfer Session 3

                            Speakers: Keith Ray; Richard Reindollar; Samantha Pfiefer; William Hurd, MD, MPH


Room TBD           Oral Abstract Presentations 


15:15 - 16:15        Parallel Session 3

Room TBD           Panel 1: Mosaic Embryos

                             Panel Leader:  Narendra Malhotra

                             Panelists: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 2: Ovarian Induction with Diminished Ovariant Reserve (DOR)

                            Panel Leader: Anna Smirnova, MD, PhD

                  Panelists: William Hurd,MD, MPH; KK Ishwaran, MD


Room TBD           Panel 3: Adjunct Therapy for Poor Oocyte Quality

                             Panel Leader:    Xiaoxi Sun, MD

                             Panelists: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 4: From Conception To Birth, How To Have A Healthy Baby Home Following ART    

                  Panel Leader: Gian Carlo di Renzo

                             Panelists: TBD


Room TBD           Debate 1: Mild Endometriosis should be Routinely Treated in the Infertile Patient to Help Improve Fertility

                            Chairs: David Adamson, MD; and Weisun Guo

                            Pro: Rishma Pai, MD

                            Con: Siladitya Battacharya, MD


Room TBD           Debate 2: All Cycles Should Be Frozen

                  Chairs: Edgar Mocanu, MD; and Dan Zhang

                             Pro: Tin Chiu Li, MD

                            Con: Ho Manh Tuong, MD


Room TBD           Oral Abstract Presentations 


16:15 - 16:30       REFRESHMENT BREAK



16:30 – 18:30      ASRM Embryo Transfer Session 4

                            Speakers: Keith Ray; Richard Reindollar; Samantha Pfiefer; William Hurd, MD, MPH


16:30 - 17:00       Keynote Lecture 4: Epigenetics/Reproductive Toxicants

Red Hall              Chairs: Alan DeCherney, MD; Osamu Ishihara

                 Speaker: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD



17:00 - 17:30       Keynote Lecture 5: Stem Cells

Red Hall              Chairs: Alan DeCherney, MD; Osamu Ishihara

                 Speaker: Katsuhiko Hayashi, PhD



17:30  - 18:30      Parallel Session 4


Room TBD           Panel 5: Surgery to Enhance Fertility

                            Panel Leader: Gabriel  de Candolle, MD

                 Panelist: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 6: Hormonal Replacement 

                             Panel Leader: Mazen El-Zibdeh, MD

                  Panelist: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 7: Systemic Diseases Associated with Infertility

                             Panel Leader: Bart Fauser, MD, PhD

                             Panelist: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 8: Safety of ART in Africa                

                             Panel Leader: Faye Iketubosin, MD

                  Panelist: TBD


Room TBD           Panel 9: Counseling for the Infertile Couple

                            Panel Leader: Jacky Boivin, PhD

                 Panelist: TBD


Room TBD           Debate 3: Immunotherapy Is Not For Routine Use in Treatment of Recurrent Miscarriage

                            Chairs: Carlos Simon, MD; KK Iswaran, MD

                 Pro: Nandita Palshetkar, MD

                            Con: Sarah Robertson, MD


Room TBD           Debate 4: Natural Cycle IVF has No Place in ART

                              Chairs: Catherine Racowsky, PhD

                   Pro: Ben Mol, MD

                             Con: Kurt Barnhart, MD


18:30 - 19:30       Reception with Exhibitors



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