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IFFS Intervention - June 2017

On behalf of IFFS, we commend Human Reproduction Programme (HRP) in its work with the high commission to integrate the issues of rights into their program. We are especially pleased that HRP has included fertility care in its research portfolio and to hear the Director General-elect say that it is the right of women to decide when and with whom she wishes to have a baby. We also appreciate that Dr. Gilmore, the United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights mentioned the effect of climate on health and acknowledged the importance of infertility within the rights agenda.

We underscore the effects of climate and environmental toxicants on reproductive health and effects before and during pregnancy that impact human development, human potential, and well-being. This a global issue that integrates the mandate of reproductive health, the global SDGs, and human rights and is an issue that disproportionally affects vulnerable populations especially in low and middle-income countries.  

Our hope is that there are opportunities for HRP to work with NGOs and other partners and stakeholders to consider this dimension of reproductive and developmental health that is inextricably linked to human rights across the globe.

WHO Global Health Emergency Alert: Zika Virus

The Zika virus outbreak has been declared a global health emergency by WHO. Its risk profile has changed from a mild threat to one with serious consequences. There is now scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Given the implications of Zika infection in reproductive health the IFFS has a key role in disseminating information to its stakeholders to support the global effort in minimizing the risk of this infection.

IFFS Statement of Information for Member Societies and Global Practitioners

WHO Zika Interim Guidance Update

WHO Zika Strategic Response Plan


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