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Member Benefits


How to apply to become an IFFS Member Society

Societies with a stated interest in the clinical and research aspects of reproduction and fertility may apply for membership in IFFS by providing the following documents:

  • Official letter requesting  membership
  • IFFS Membership Application
  • Copy of the society’s governing Constitution and/or By-Laws
  • List of society members


Description of Membership from the IFFS Constitution

Article 4

The membership of the Federation shall include those societies who have stated an interest in the clinical and research aspects of reproduction and fertility. They must have a constitution which conforms with the objectives as specified in Article 2 of this Constitution. Furthermore, they must have a minimum of 40 members.

An "associated" society is a society or a federation of IFFS member societies which pursue the same or similar goals as IFFS and has a written constitution consistent with the mission of the IFFS.

An association can be proposed by the Board of Directors, and ratified by the General Assembly, if the associated society sends in writing to the Secretary General of the Federation an application which includes a copy of its constitution showing that it satisfies the same requirements as for a member society.

There is no need to declare its intention to abide by the Constitution.

An association with IFFS may include a series of relations, notably:

   - exchange lectures and sessions during congresses
   - links on the Internet
   - collaborative works on ethics, consensus clinical standards
     which are to be defined at the time of the association and can be revised whenever

     needed by both Boards of Directors.

The associated society pays no dues to IFFS and does not take part in voting but is invited to IFFS General Assemblies as observer. Moreover the Associated Society has a consultatory status on important matters such as congress dates and venues or other issues.


The Federation Board of Directors may establish other non-voting member categories at its discretion.  The Board may decide if these non-voting categories are dues paying and the nature of their access to the Federation’s resources.  The development, control, and design of these member types will be documented in the official Federation Board operating manual.

In particular, the Federation may take individual non-voting members in order to increase the visibility of the Federation’s activities. These individual members should share the goals and philosophy of the Federation.

Article 5

A non-member society may join the Federation, provided it:

    a. Sends in writing to the Secretary General of the Federation, an application which includes
    a copy of its constitution showing that it satisfies the requirements set out in Article 4,
    and a current membership list.

    b. Declares its intention to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Federation.

    c. Undertakes to make financial contributions in such form and within the time limits as
    may be decided by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors of the Federation (formerly known as the Executive Committee) will discuss the application and vote on conferring membership to the applicant. A report of new members will be presented to the General Assembly. 


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