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As a global federation, the IFFS is uniquely suited to identify local and regional educational opportunities and to deliver the necessary tools to improve standards of practice. 

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World Congress

The World Congress on Fertility and Sterility is an event nearly as old as the IFFS itself. The consideration to hold a congress was explored when the IFFS formed in 1951. The first congress, held in 1953 in New York City was a joint meeting with the American Society for the Study of Sterility (later to become ASRM). The IFFS triennial congress has drawn numerous international luminaries from within the field of reproductive health care during the course of its 62 year history as a global event.


International Symposium

Bringing science and practice home, the IFFS international symposium series focuses on topical areas of reproductive health, relevant to regional concerns, presenting cutting edge research, contemporary review and topical debate. Our Scientific Committee works extensively to create an exemplary and innovative program.



Workshops can range from 50 to more than 600 attendees. These individuals represent the full range of reproductive healthcare professionals from physicians to embryologists, to nurses, counselors and researchers. The IFFS curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of an event’s specific audience and is applicable to trainees and experienced professionals alike.


Ambassador Program

The IFFS Officers as Ambassadors for infertility and the infertile support capacity development  in reproductive healthcare through political advocacy, promoting access to care, support of emerging professional groups in middle income and developing nations and paving the way for educational and research initiatives.


Online Learning platform Launching in 2019

This program is slated to launch in 2019, with the goal of creating a multi-media platform that will allow the IFFS to expand our educational mission, exponentially. The first model will create a static platform, to will provide standard learning opportunities for basic courses such as research and abstract writing, while providing access to past lectures. The second proposed model will be dynamic, allowing for virtual attendance for live lectures. This aspect is of utmost importance when considering the need to support both urban and rural reproductive healthcare practitioners by making the IFFS curriculum accessible to both.


IFFS Education Program history

 2013  Lima, Peru
 Cluj Napoca
 Volgograd, Russia
 Algiers, Algeria
 Boston, MA USA+
 2014  Geneva, Switzerland
 Ahmedabad, India
 Lima, Peru
 Lima, Peru
 Ikeja, Nigeria
 Santiago, Chile
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Algiers, Algeria
 2015  Lima, Peru
 Jinan, China
 Shenzhen, China
 Manila, Philipines
 New Delhi, India
 Yokohama, Japan*
 2016  Myanmar
 Guangzhou, China
 San Jose, Costa Rica
 New Delhi, India+
 2017  Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Iasi, Romania
 Montevideo, Uruguay
 Laos, Nigeria
 St. Petersburg, Russia*
+ IFFS World Congress
* IFFS International Symposium


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