Board & Committees

IFFS Executive Committee 


Richard Kennedy, MD (United Kingdom)


Linda Giudice, MD, PhD (USA)

President Elect


Gabriel de Candolle, MD (Switzerland)

Secretary General


Marcos Horton, MD (Argentina)



Zi-Jiang Chen, MD, PhD (China)

Assistant Secretary General


Osamu Ishihara, MD (Japan)

Assistant Treasurer


Joe Leigh Simpson, MD (USA)

Immediate Past President


Basil Tarlatzis, MD, PhD (Greece)

Past President/ Special Advisor


Paul Devroey, MD, PhD (Belgium)

Director, Medical Education


Bruce Dunphy, MD, PhD, MEd (Canada)

Assistant Director Medical Education


Tina Buchholz, MD, PhD (Germany)

Scientific Director


Hrishikesh Pai, MD (India)

Director of External Affairs


Antti Perheentupa, MD (Finland)

Communications Director


Alan DeCherney, MD (USA)

GRH Editor in Chief





Communication with any of these individuals can be submitted to the IFFS Secretariat at





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