Our Mission

Our worldwide mission is to stimulate research, disseminate educational information, and encourage the superior clinical care of patients in all aspects of reproductive and fertility medicine.  We represent over 65 UN country specific fertility societies that in the aggregate encompass an estimated 50,000 physicians and reproduction medicine specialists worldwide including various healthcare professionals.

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Our Vision

All women and men have access to quality fertility and reproductive health care.


International co-operation and dialogue in the field of fertility and sterility can be said to have truly commenced in 1951 in Rio de Janeiro with the formation of the International Fertility Association (IFA). Eminent scientists from various parts of the world became members and triennial World Conferences in Fertility and Sterility were organized, the first in New York, USA, in May, 1953.

At the Sixth World Conference held in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1968, the IFFS was born. The International Fertility Association remained as an affiliate to represent members with no national society. A constitution and by-laws were drawn up and remain today to govern the actions of IFFS.

Membership has grown and at present, over 65 National Fertility Societies are affiliated. It is estimated over 50,000 specialists worldwide concerned in the areas of fertility and sterility are brought together under one umbrella organization.

Executive Committee

Richard Kennedy (UK)
Linda Giudice (USA)
President Elect
Gabriel de Candolle (Switzerland)
Secretary General
Zi-Jiang Chen (China)
Assistant Secretary General
Marcos Horton (Argentina)
Osamu Ishihara (Japan)
Assistant Treasurer
Joe Leigh Simpson (USA)
Immediate Past President
Paul Devroey (Belgium)
Director, Medical Education
Bruce Dunphy (Canada)
Assistant Director, Medical Education
Tina Buchholz (Germany)
Scientific Director
Basil Tarlatzis (Greece)
Past President/Special Advisor
Hrishikesh Pai (India)
Director, External Affairs
Antti Perheentupa (Finland)
Director, Communications
Alan DeCherney (USA)
Editor in Chief, GRH

Committee leadership

Board of Directors

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Education Committee

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Scientific Committee

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Surveillance Committee

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Audit Committee

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Secretariat's Office

Charles Sapp
Executive Director
Gerri Mahn
Program Manager
Kathy Baumer
Sr. Meeting Manager

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Global Reproductive Health Author Scholarships

Covering submission fees for reproductive healthcare practitioners from developing countries. 


Friend of IFFS Programme Support

Supporting global education and advocacy to practitioners in the field of reproductive health.


IFFS Surveillance


Supporting the triennial IFFS Surveillance, a robust and expanding scope of ART practices, policies, and activities among nations around the world, highlighting significant differences with a review of trends that have occurred the triennium.


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