IFFS Workshop Form

IFFS Workshop Guidelines & Policy


To encourage member and associated societies to organize training workshops in reproductive medicine in collaboration with the IFFS as a part of their Continuing Education and Professional Development Programs.



•    ART, Safety
•    Reproductive Surgery
•    Reproductive Endocrinology
•    Simplified IVF
•    Contraceptive Technology



Member or associated societies apply by submitting a completed IFFS Workshop Participation Form either to this website (below) or to the IFFS Secretariat.


After receiving your application, the IFFS will review the proposed scientific program, the budget and the requested participation.  Please note that the IFFS is available to assist in developing a program to meet your specific needs.

If the application is approved, international faculty will be selected to participate in the workshop based on the expertise required.

Once the member or associated society has been informed of IFFS approval, education grants will be dispersed where applicable.



It is the policy of the IFFS to provide international speakers with expertise in the areas identified in the formal request. Based on the location of the workshop, the IFFS will cover the cost for travel expenses for its speakers including economy airfare and other reasonable travel expenses. When practical, the local society will cover the local expenses of the IFFS speakers including food and lodging.


The IFFS encourages the local society to offer travel/educational grants to students and trainees to participate in the workshop and may provide limited financial support for the grant program.


The IFFS will not be responsible to cover any budget deficit of the workshop.


Any net profit generated from the workshop will be used by local member societies in their Continuing Education and Training Programs.








IFFS Workshop Participation Form

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