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About the IFFS

As a Non-State Actor (NSA) we promote and develop educational initiatives in the field of reproductive health in support of World Health Organization (WHO) aims and objectives and the renewed focus and prioritization the WHO has given to infertility as a disease.

Our worldwide mission is to stimulate research, disseminate educational information, and encourage the superior clinical care of patients in all aspects of reproductive and fertility medicine.  We represent over 65 UN country specific fertility societies that in the aggregate encompass an estimated 50,000 physicians and reproduction medicine specialists worldwide including various healthcare professionals.

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Workshops attendees represent the full range of reproductive healthcare professionals from physicians to embryologists, to nurses, counselors and researchers. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of our audience.

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International Symposia

Our  international symposium series focuses on topical areas of reproductive health, relevant to regional concerns, presenting cutting edge research, contemporary review and topical debate.

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World Congress

The IFFS triennial congress has drawn numerous international luminaries from within the field of reproductive health care during the course of its 62 year history as a global event.

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Member Societies

The IFFS includes over 65 national societies from every continent committed to advancing scientific knowledge and clinical application in reproductive sciences.

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IFFS Journal

Global Reproductive Health is an international, multidisciplinary journal that aims to further knowledge, foster innovation, support research and promote good clinical practice in the field of reproductive health.

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WHO Collaboration

As an NSA in official relations with the WHO, we promote and develop educational initiatives in the field of reproductive health in support of WHO aims and objectives.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends

As we rapidly approach the end of the year, we naturally reflect on the last twelve months a very busy and successful year for the IFFS.

During the course of the year we have completely refreshed the website, our journal, Global Reproductive Health, has emerged as a credible publication, the Board have introduced significant constitutional change to enable individual membership of the IFFS, the 2019 triennial Surveillance is complete, the Executive have submitted the application for renewal of our NSA status with WHO and our educational team is developing its web based educational platform.

The main mission of the IFFS is to raise knowledge in reproductive health focused on LMICs. During 2018 our education team has organised and delivered workshops in Turkey, Panama, India, Russia, Nigeria, Estonia and Argentina. Those undertaken in Nigeria and Estonia were full curriculum programmes supporting the development of educational capacity and received very positive feedback. The Nigeria workshop was notable for a separate course for nurses which has resulted in the development of an infertility nurse training curriculum. In Antalya the workshop was the first in collaboration with TSRM and the one held in Russia the first reproductive medicine educational activity held in Eastern Russia.

Africa is a continent whose health priorities are well known and have understandably limited developments in the management of infertility. So it was particularly exciting to host the first international meeting covering reproductive medicine in Kampala. This was organised in collaboration with the African Fertility Society and had regional and headquarters WHO representatives in attendance. The data from ANARA have shown the rising provision of ART in Africa but the challenges addressed in the Kampala meeting spoke to the need for sustainable, scalable and affordable solutions to provision of infertility services.

During the year the IFFS has also participated in national society meetings in China (CSRM) and Egypt (EFSS); ran an invited symposium at FIGO with whom it also shares the Hubert De Watteville eponymous lectureship and had representation on the organising committee of the UIT meeting in Barcelona. The IFFS was also invited to participate in a side bar session on infertility at the WHO Africa regional meeting in Senegal.

2018 has ended with a landmark event, a seminal meeting organised by WHO and co-sponsored by IFFS along with the other NSAs working in this field. This two day global summit in infertility care had ministry /DoH representation from many states and culminated in the development of a consensus statement consolidating the disease status of infertility, highlighting the global need and setting the direction to address the challenges of access and safety.

Infertility knows no boundaries and there are gross inequities within states and globally. The exciting developments that were witnessed in Geneva this month give hope that we are on a journey to meeting this challenge.

My thanks to colleagues on the Executive Team and Secretariat for their support during 2018 and I extend warm season’s greetings to all our members and followers and wish you all a safe and successful 2019.


  Richard Kennedy 

IFFS President








WHO Global health emergency alert: zika virus



Click HERE for the WHO Zika Strategic Response plan


The Zika virus outbreak has been declared a global health emergency by WHO. Its risk profile has changed from a mild threat to one with serious consequences. There is now scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly and Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome. Given the implications of Zika infection in reproductive health the IFFS has a key role in disseminating information to its stakeholders to support the global effort in minimizing the risk of this infection. 


Please click HERE to view the IFFS statement of information for Member Societies and Global Practitioners.

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